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  • Are you related to me in some way? To access My Family History, click the link in the top menu. You will be taken to a welcome page for my family history, with details of the features available.  Some posts have been set up for latest research I have done. To find a post for a particular surname, you can use the Tag Cloud in the left sidebar.  I have also set up posts on some of my ancestors.  These can be found by clicking the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks link on the top menu.
  • Are you looking for information on the different resources you can use? These can be accessed from the Resources menu in the left sidebar.  This list isn’t complete yet, and will be added to as I have time, and when I come across new resources.
  • Do you want help with researching your own family history? If you do, I offer a number of services. Details of these services can be found by clicking the Services Provided link in the top menu.

Another feature of my site is:

  • Unwanted certificates.  In researching my family history, I have certificates that turned out not to be related.  Lists of these certificates can be found by clicking the link on the top menu.


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  1. Hi, Google sent me to your page when I was researching my Partners (Vicki~Sue Marr) on her Kennewell family history, She is also a Marr on her fathers side.
    They were both from the Barossa and Williamstown areas in South Australia, we live not far from there today.
    On one of the pages it mentions some pages from: Kay Kennewell, The Kennewell Family 1846-1999. Is it possible to find out where these pages come from or get a copy?

    I am happy to share any information I have on the later Kennewells you may need as well

    Kind Regards

    Robby Cummins
    Adelaide Australia

    • I was sent some of the pages from the book back in 2000. Since I only had a few of the pages, I didn’t have full details on when the book was published, and who by, and I’m not sure that the author was Kay Kennewell, I only assumed she was by some information on one of the pages I was sent.

      I’m not sure where you would be able to get a copy, since I can’t find a reference to it online, so it may have only be produced for family members, and not actually published.

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