Welcome to my site.  This home page has information to help you navigate your way around the site.

On my top menu bar are links to:

  • Home.  This will bring you back to this page
  • Beginner’s Guide.  If you are a beginner to family history, this section has links to posts that can help you start your family history research.
  • Recent posts.  If you want to read what has been added lately, you can check this section
  • My Family History.  Perhaps you are related to me in some way.  There is a link to the welcome page for my family history, as well as a link to my Pedigree Chart, so you can see How I fit in.
  • Unwanted Certificates. If you find any of the people on these indexes are related to you, feel free to contact me for further information.
  • Resources.  This section provides links to a number of resources that can be used to research your family history, organise your family history and share your family history with others.
  • Services provided.  You may be looking at having research done on your behalf, or you may be wanting the information you have already gathered to be organised, or transcribed.  View my Services Provided page (accessed from the top menu), to see the range of services I offer.

On the left sidebar, are the following links

  • Categories.  This organises the posts into categories. Some of these categories match section in my main menu, and I have additional categories for my other posts.
  • Tag cloud.  The tag cloud will help you find information more a more specific topic.
  • Search site.  This feature allows you to search the site for information on a topic.  This search feature only works on the WordPress part of the website – there is a separate search function to find information in my family tree.
  • Archives. This organises the posts into the month and year that they were added.
  • Calendar. If you select a month in the calendar, you can then find posts that were added on a particular date.

On the right sidebar, you can find the following:

  • About Me.  There is a brief summary of information about me, with a link to more information.
  • Contact Me.  Although there is a comments section at the bottom of the posts and pages, you may want to contact me privately.  You can do this by filling in the Contact Me section.
  • Genealogy Blogs.  You might be interested in looking at other genealogy blogs.  I have a list of some of the blogs I have read on my right sidebar.
  • Meta.  Other miscellaneous links.


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