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  • Robby

    Hi, Google sent me to your page when I was researching my Partners (Vicki~Sue Marr) on her Kennewell family history, She is also a Marr on her fathers side.
    They were both from the Barossa and Williamstown areas in South Australia, we live not far from there today.
    On one of the pages it mentions some pages from: Kay Kennewell, The Kennewell Family 1846-1999. Is it possible to find out where these pages come from or get a copy?

    I am happy to share any information I have on the later Kennewells you may need as well

    Kind Regards

    Robby Cummins
    Adelaide Australia

    • loiswillis

      I was sent some of the pages from the book back in 2000. Since I only had a few of the pages, I didn’t have full details on when the book was published, and who by, and I’m not sure that the author was Kay Kennewell, I only assumed she was by some information on one of the pages I was sent.

      I’m not sure where you would be able to get a copy, since I can’t find a reference to it online, so it may have only be produced for family members, and not actually published.

  • Kathy Beale

    Hi Lois
    I have tried to send you suggested updates for Joseph William Meiklejohn and Gladys Irene Meiklejohn (they were my grandparents) and had 7 children, however, I note you only have Robert Joseph Meiklejohn listed as their child. When I tried to submit the update, the page came back with an error.
    Kathy Beale (Brisbane, Queensland)

    • loiswillis

      I only have one child listed for Joseph and Gladys, as I have only been able to find a record for the one child. Although I have the names of the other six children in my notes, I generally don’t include information on individuals that may still be living, unless I can find some sort of “official” record for them, such as an obituary, or other family notice, cemetery record, entry on a death index, or an entry on a birth index, or I have information about a deceased descendant. The information I have on the other six children came from a family tree on the internet.

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