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Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia


Tree: Lois Willis

City/Town : Latitude: -37.8251136111111, Longitude: 147.628961944444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Ivy Mary  1897Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I6627
2 Ball, Bertha Ellen  1878Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I707
3 Ball, Florence Jessy  1871Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I704
4 Ellis, Robert William  1896Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I6188
5 Fraser, Edla Mary  1905Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4536
6 Fraser, John Duncan  1911Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4539
7 Fraser, Tessie  1907Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4537
8 Fraser, William Duncan  6 Mar 1910Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4538
9 Gallagher, Elizabeth Ann  1866Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I5829
10 Gee, Richard Duncan  1 Jun 1927Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I8545
11 Healey, Alice May  1909Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4688
12 Healey, Bertha Alice  25 Jun 1904Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4687
13 Healey, Bertha Elsie  1898Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4683
14 Healey, Clara Ellen  1893Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I710
15 Healey, Elizabeth Ann  1892Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4681
16 Healey, Florence Kate  1896Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4682
17 Healey, William George  1904Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4684
18 Johnson, Hastings William  13 May 1877Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4164
19 Lowe, Charles Frederick  1906Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4155
20 Lowe, Vera Mansfield  1904Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4156
21 Mansfield, Charles David James  1889Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4153
22 Mansfield, Sarah Charlotte  1886Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4152
23 Martin, Doris Elizabeth  1910Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4482
24 Oliver, Albert Edward  1881Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3312
25 Oliver, Elsie Agnes  22 Sep 1894Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I279
26 Oliver, Emily Alice  16 Jul 1877Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I39
27 Oliver, Emily Alice  16 Jul 1877Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I65
28 Oliver, Ernest Arthur  1884Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I275
29 Oliver, Esther Agnes  1880Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I272
30 Oliver, Eveline Myrtle  1892Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I278
31 Oliver, Frederick George  1878Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I273
32 Oliver, George William Douglas  1888Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I277
33 Oliver, Harold Alfred Sylvester  1908Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3316
34 Oliver, Harry Silvester  1886Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I276
35 Oliver, Ivy  1904Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I5662
36 Oliver, Keith William  1919Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I5663
37 Oliver, Leslie  1897Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3313
38 Oliver, Mabel Florence  1882Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I274
39 Oliver, Mahala Gladys  1905Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3315
40 Oliver, Ray Claire  1910Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3317
41 Oliver, Ruby Agnes  1909Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I5664
42 Oliver, Walter Albert  1907Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3323
43 Ray, Emily Bridget  1877Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3314
44 Stephens, Robert Albert  26 Jan 1917Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I6639
45 Stephens, William Arthur  20 Sep 1919Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I6640
46 Swan, Annie Isabella  1914Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I607
47 Thomson, John Brendon Halley  Jan 1882Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I7994
48 Williams, Nancy Jean  24 Sep 1928Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I11634
49 Williams, Nancy Jean  24 Sep 1928Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I386
50 Woodward, Dora Ethel  30 Apr 1885Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I6632


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Ivy Mary  1981Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I6627
2 Ball, Bertha Ellen  1937Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I707
3 Ball, Clara Caroline  1948Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I701
4 Ball, Emma Esther  27 Nov 1923Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I699
5 Ball, Florence Jessy  22 Feb 1942Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I704
6 Ball, George Edward  3 Jun 1930Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I702
7 Blake, Emma  1964Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3321
8 Burnett, Margaret Beattie  30 Jan 1933Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1430
9 Docwra, George Henry  11 Jul 1972Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I636
10 Docwra, George Henry  11 Jul 1972Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I75
11 Fraser, Duncan  1947Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4535
12 Gallagher, Elizabeth Ann  1899Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I5829
13 Growcott, Hedley Rossiter  9 Oct 1965Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1437
14 Healey, Alfred Ernest  1948Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I8548
15 Healey, Alice May  10 Jan 1934Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4688
16 Healey, Edward  31 Aug 1935Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I709
17 Healey, Elizabeth Ann  Bef 24 Dec 1974Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4681
18 Healey, George  2 Jan 1921Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I8410
19 Healey, George  1956Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I708
20 Healey, Herbert Henry  1942Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I8547
21 Healey, Sarah Kate  1947Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I8552
22 Hooton, Henry  1973Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I427
23 Horforth, Elizabeth  15 Sep 1927Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I8411
24 Johnson, William John  1984Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I608
25 Littlejohn, John Vincent  12 Apr 1986Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I1092
26 Littlejohn, John Vincent  12 Apr 1986Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4290
27 Mansfield, Catherine Blyth  27 Aug 1906Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4150
28 Mansfield, Charlotte Magdaline  1912Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4151
29 Mansfield, Mary Jane  1890Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4148
30 Mansfield, Sarah Charlotte  1887Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4152
31 Martin, Doris Elizabeth  1969Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4482
32 Oliver, Agnes  1909Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I874
33 Oliver, Albert Edward  1957Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3312
34 Oliver, Elsie Agnes  2 Nov 1974Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I279
35 Oliver, Esther Agnes  1880Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I272
36 Oliver, Leslie  1897Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3313
37 Oliver, Mabel Florence  1969Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I274
38 Oliver, Mary Ann  21 Dec 1942Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I246
39 Oliver, Silvester  1897Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I873
40 Oliver, Walter Albert  1936Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I3323
41 Pilgrim, Shirley Margaret  1934Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4483
42 Planner, Donald Albion  16 Oct 1982Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I2715
43 Planner, Donald Albion  1983Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4447
44 Ray, Richard George  29 Jun 1990Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I4690
45 Slawson, Ann  11 May 1878Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I95
46 Stephens, Alfred George  21 Jul 1965Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I6638
47 Stephens, Charles  7 Dec 1926Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I882
48 Stephens, William Arthur  31 May 1980Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I6640
49 Swan, Annie Isabella  3 Jun 1985Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I607
50 Swan, Arthur Henry  26 Jan 1985Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I715

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ball, Clara Caroline  1891Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I701
2 Ball, William Edward  1878Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I94
3 Healey, Edward  31 Aug 1935Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I709
4 Healey, George  1891Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia I708


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Casey / Williams  2 Dec 1948Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F3281
2 Casey / Williams  2 Dec 1948Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F135
3 Healey / Ball  30 Jun 1891Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F165
4 Healey / Ball  10 Jun 1903Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F166
5 Oliver / Ball  12 Sep 1875Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F25
6 Swan / Oliver  1898Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia F146

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