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Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia


Tree: Lois Willis

City/Town : Latitude: -37.9645094444444, Longitude: 145.055873055556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beazley, Camelia Elizabeth  1880Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I983
2 Beazley, Jessie Maria  1882Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I984
3 Beazley, Sarah Ann  1876Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I981
4 Beazley, William George  1878Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I982
5 Besant, Albert Alfred  1881Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9606
6 Besant, Charles Edwin  1887Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9610
7 Besant, Everilda  1880Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9605
8 Besant, Frank  1883Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9607
9 Besant, Violet Harriet  1884Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9608
10 Besant, Walter George  1886Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9609
11 Casey, Leonard Keith  12 May 1928Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I107
12 Cotton, Edward Charles  1871Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9632
13 Docwra, Ada  1907Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I996
14 Docwra, Alexander  1903Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I994
15 Docwra, Amy Rose  1882Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I989
16 Docwra, Charles  1 Jun 1876Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I987
17 Docwra, David  1868Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I270
18 Docwra, Edith  1870Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I42
19 Docwra, Elizabeth  1855Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I87
20 Docwra, Emma  1873Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I271
21 Docwra, Florence Elizabeth  1878Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I988
22 Docwra, Herbert  1902Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I995
23 Docwra, James  1859Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I89
24 Docwra, Thomas  1856Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I976
25 Docwra, Unnamed Female  1865Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I971
26 Dunlop, Eric Charles  1909Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I1632
27 Dunlop, Victor William  1907Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I1631
28 Dunlop, William Douglas  1880Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I1002
29 Follett, Frederick  1890Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9622
30 Follett, Hannah Mary  1888Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9602
31 Follett, Hilda May  1893Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9623
32 Follett, Joseph  1867Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9597
33 Follett, Sarah Ann  1871Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9598
34 Follett, Sarah Ann  1882Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9600
35 Follett, Walter Charles  1884Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9601
36 Judd, Alexander George Watson  1912Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I3165
37 Judd, Nellie Elizabeth  1907Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I3166
38 Judd, Oliver James  1910Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I3167
39 Judd, Oliver Watson  1883Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I3164
40 Meiklejohn, Albert Edward  24 Feb 1928Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I4576
41 Meiklejohn, George James  1920Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I3183
42 Meiklejohn, John Alexander  25 Mar 1924Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I4577
43 Mulder, Alan Dirke  23 May 1916Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I3965
44 Parry, Leslie George  28 Jun 1895Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I1625
45 Ridley, Doris Violet  1894Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I3182
46 Scott, Caroline  1865Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I8088
47 Scott, Charlotte Matilda  1870Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I8090
48 Scott, Elizabeth Jane  1867Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I8089
49 Scott, Emma Maria  1876Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I8092
50 Scott, Joseph John  1873Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I8091

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Percival James  1961Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I2761
2 Beazley, Jessie Maria  Jun 1886Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I984
3 Collis, Charles William  1950Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I4235
4 Deacon, Daisy Randell  1963Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I2195
5 Deacon, Eva Emma  1968Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I2197
6 Docwra, Emma  1873Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I271
7 Docwra, Henry Fife  30 Jul 1926Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I977
8 Docwra, William  11 Aug 1888Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I776
9 Docwra, William John  1898Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I969
10 Dorward, Susan Ann  Bef 21 Jan 1957Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I4570
11 Finch, Edna Eleanor  1976Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I3872
12 Follett, Hannah Mary  1889Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9602
13 Follett, Hilda May  1893Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9623
14 Follett, Joseph  1889Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9581
15 Follett, Sarah Ann  1882Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9598
16 Follett, Sarah Ann  1883Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I9600
17 Gordon, Charles  25 Nov 1925Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I11260
18 Gordon, Charles Patrick  1922Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I11393
19 Harradence, Sarah Kimpton  12 Jul 1900Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I777
20 Holt, John Vine  Bef 18 Feb 1969Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I4548
21 Laver, Emily Jane  1938Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I242
22 Meiklejohn, Donald Dorward  15 Jan 1968Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I4571
23 Meiklejohn, James  24 Jul 1922Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I1901
24 Meiklejohn, James John  1960Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I3161
25 Meiklejohn, Maisie Margaret Ellen  29 Dec 1979Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I4574
26 Mulder, Thomas  1921Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I386
27 Paice, Florence Nightingale  1962Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I6481
28 Paice, James Henry  1914Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I5119
29 Reid, Robert George  1962Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I4449
30 Scott, Mary  10 Dec 1885Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I41
31 Smith, Eliza Lilly  1954Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I5784
32 Theisinger, William  1943Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I206
33 Williamson, Valerie Joan  19 Sep 1945Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I5230


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cumming, Violet  Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I11389
2 Matthews, Wilfred James  Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I678

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