The family of Lois Willis

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Footscray, Victoria, Australia


Tree: Lois Willis

City/Town : Latitude: -36.9223519444444, Longitude: 144.351409833333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abson, Keith Oswald Clyde  11 Jun 1912Footscray, Victoria, Australia I863
2 Anderson, Walter  Abt 1885Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5258
3 Barns, Royland Watson  1894Footscray, Victoria, Australia I11479
4 Carrick, David  1891Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3710
5 Carrick, David John  1916Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3715
6 Carrick, Horace  1897Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3711
7 Carrick, Linda Lyell Matilda  1895Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3712
8 Carrick, May  1893Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3707
9 Carrick, Rupert  23 Dec 1905Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3713
10 Craddock, Gladys Ruby  1913Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5254
11 Craddock, Sydney Joseph  1908Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5256
12 Curwood, Thomas Henry  1902Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2495
13 Davies, Albert Leslie  1891Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2184
14 Dickson, Allan William  1909Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5261
15 Esnouf, Alfred Godfrey  1890Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2591
16 Gane, Beatrice Annie  1902Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1945
17 Hardy, Euphemia Violet  1893Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3714
18 Harley, Alexander John  31 Dec 1903Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2481
19 Harley, Constance Victoria Augusta  1900Footscray, Victoria, Australia I299
20 Harley, Cyril Thomas Patrick  1910Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1017
21 Harley, Daisy  1889Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1014
22 Harley, Diana Mary  1911Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2485
23 Harley, Ellen  1903Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2480
24 Harley, Joseph Henry  1915Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4750
25 Harley, Margaret Dowd Jubilee  1909Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2484
26 Harley, Mary Veronica Irene  1896Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2340
27 Harley, Michael James  1908Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2483
28 Harley, Rhoda Drinkwater  1905Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2482
29 Harley, Richard  1886Footscray, Victoria, Australia I319
30 Harley, Robert John  1899Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1016
31 Harley, Rubina Eliza  1887Footscray, Victoria, Australia I320
32 Harley, William Francis  1917Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4749
33 Marr, Albert Walter  1907Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1413
34 Marr, Irene  1903Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1412
35 Marr, Jessie  1898Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1411
36 Marr, Martha  16 Dec 1901Footscray, Victoria, Australia I656
37 Moore, Harry Hearne  11 Aug 1894Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3708
38 O'connor, Dorothy Theresa  1897Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4655
39 O'connor, Eileen Alice  1895Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4653
40 Peters, George Reginald  Abt 1900Footscray, Victoria, Australia I6930
41 Pickett, Catherine Dorothy  1909Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2493
42 Pickett, Daisy Monica  1911Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2494
43 Pickett, Diana Helena  1907Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2492
44 Pickett, Diana Victoria  1887Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2479
45 Pickett, Eileen Veronica  1914Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4753
46 Pickett, Joseph William  1902Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2490
47 Pickett, Violet Mary  1905Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2491
48 Pickett, William John  1901Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2489
49 Pickett, William Michael Francis  1878Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2487
50 Slawson, George  1869Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4649

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barns, Anthony William  14 Feb 1894Footscray, Victoria, Australia I11268
2 Barns, David Fowler  17 Oct 1891Footscray, Victoria, Australia I11476
3 Carrick, David  11 Nov 1972Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3710
4 Corcoran, John Edward  19 Mar 1984Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3484
5 Cottell, Mary  Aug 1891Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1007
6 Craddock, Gladys Ruby  1972Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5254
7 Curwood, Pamela Diane Monica  18 Aug 1972Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2496
8 Curwood, Thomas Henry  12 Sep 1980Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2495
9 Davies, Albert Leslie  1966Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2184
10 Dickson, Donald Rae  1921Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5263
11 Dickson, Eliza Jane  1919Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5248
12 Dickson, James William Rea  1960Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5247
13 Dickson, Stanley  1954Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5252
14 Gordon, Donald Robert Nicol Gannet  1911Footscray, Victoria, Australia I11264
15 Gordon, Matilda Stewart  27 Jul 1921Footscray, Victoria, Australia I11267
16 Harley, Adeline Annie  1981Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2346
17 Harley, Alexander  1953Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2478
18 Harley, Alexander John  1966Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2481
19 Harley, Cyril Thomas Patrick  3 Dec 1950Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1017
20 Harley, Ellen  1903Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2480
21 Harley, John Dandie  1900Footscray, Victoria, Australia I48
22 Harley, Monica  1925Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2488
23 Harley, Robert  15 May 1948Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1008
24 Harley, Violet Margaret Mary  1 Nov 1944Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1010
25 Harley, William Francis  1979Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4749
26 Hooton, Selina  10 Sep 1933Footscray, Victoria, Australia I367
27 Kinnaburgh, Isabella Emma Jane  Bef 27 Jun 1942Footscray, Victoria, Australia I6200
28 Marr, Albert Walter  20 Apr 1965Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1413
29 Marr, Matilda Stewart Gordon  9 Mar 1948Footscray, Victoria, Australia I263
30 Marr, Nina Jane  1962Footscray, Victoria, Australia I643
31 Marr, Thomas  1898Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1410
32 Marr, Thomas Miller  18 Oct 1941Footscray, Victoria, Australia I264
33 Matthews, James David  28 Sep 1921Footscray, Victoria, Australia I269
34 McIntyre, Phillip Douglas  1966Footscray, Victoria, Australia I6310
35 McLaren, Charles Archibald  6 Apr 1960Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1415
36 Meiklejohn, Mary  30 Oct 1896Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5109
37 Mullavey, Mary Jane  30 May 1962Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1015
38 O'connor, Dorothy Theresa  15 Nov 1963Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4655
39 O'connor, Harold Peter  11 Jan 1962Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4654
40 Pickett, William John  1902Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2489
41 Pickett, William Michael Francis  10 Jun 1948Footscray, Victoria, Australia I2487
42 Russell, Roy Francis  1955Footscray, Victoria, Australia I417
43 Ryan, Leo Richard  29 Dec 1972Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4757
44 Slawson, Alice Emma  1963Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4650
45 Slawson, John  Dec 1874Footscray, Victoria, Australia I4651
46 Slaymaker, Frederick George  1950Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3817
47 Taylor, Roy  1930Footscray, Victoria, Australia I3341
48 Walker, Esther Alma  1969Footscray, Victoria, Australia I1550
49 Youlten, Mabel Elizabeth  1974Footscray, Victoria, Australia I5260


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crew / Harley  1921Footscray, Victoria, Australia F260
2 McIntyre / Wannenmacher  28 Jul 1914Footscray, Victoria, Australia F1737

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