The family of Lois Willis

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Geelong, Victoria, Australia


Tree: Lois Willis

City/Town : Latitude: -38.1421480555556, Longitude: 144.348006111111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atkins, Louisa Grace  1886Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3876
2 Ball, Alice Ida  1861Geelong, Victoria, Australia I700
3 Brown, Florence Campbell  1887Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4935
4 Combridge, Ivy Grace  1902Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4006
5 Cowley, Annie Cecilia  16 Sep 1892Geelong, Victoria, Australia I944
6 Edwards, Walter Ellis  1 Jun 1897Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2111
7 Fewster, Clarence Percival  1900Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3951
8 Fewster, Elsie Amelia  1902Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3948
9 Fewster, Lilian Pearl  1907Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3949
10 Fewster, Lily Irene  1904Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3950
11 Finlayson, Christina  1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3578
12 Goldsmith, Louisa Grace  1886Geelong, Victoria, Australia I9821
13 Hall, Alice Mary  1889Geelong, Victoria, Australia I937
14 Hall, Florence Minnie  1888Geelong, Victoria, Australia I936
15 Hughan, Ada Lewis  1881Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3805
16 Hughan, Alexander Wheeler  1883Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3811
17 Hughan, Blanche Florence May  1885Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3806
18 Hughan, Charles Stanley  1887Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3807
19 Hughan, Harold  1892Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3810
20 Hughan, James  1880Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3812
21 Hughan, John Alexander  1867Geelong, Victoria, Australia I10526
22 Hughan, Louisa Charlotte  1857Geelong, Victoria, Australia I10520
23 Hughan, Randolph  1865Geelong, Victoria, Australia I10525
24 Hughan, Randolph Stewart  1890Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3808
25 Hughan, Walter James  1890Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3809
26 Hunt, Vincent Cyril  1916Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3960
27 Irwin, Albert Edward  1880Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5776
28 Irwin, Jean Valetta  1910Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5777
29 Johnson, Arthur Frederick  1899Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3943
30 Johnson, Eric Victor Leslie  16 Jul 1907Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3946
31 Johnson, Ethel  23 Jan 1902Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3944
32 Kitchen, Elizabeth Fraser  1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4099
33 Kuhne, Alma Amelia  1896Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3886
34 Kuhne, Annie Violetta  1889Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3883
35 Kuhne, Theodore Herman E R  1894Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3885
36 Loone, Doris Isabel  1906Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3815
37 Loone, Elsie Florence  1905Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3821
38 Loone, Emily Sarah  1911Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3822
39 Loone, Gordon William  1913Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3814
40 Loone, Harold Hector  1917Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3824
41 Loone, Irene May  1908Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3816
42 Loone, Phyllis Edna  1915Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3825
43 Loone, William Alexander  1910Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3820
44 McKenzie, Ellen  1846Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4598
45 Mott, Dulcie Avis  1911Geelong, Victoria, Australia I690
46 Mulder, Alice Kate  1882Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3556
47 Mulder, Arthur Alfred  1878Geelong, Victoria, Australia I387
48 Mulder, Charles Victor  3 Mar 1889Geelong, Victoria, Australia I391
49 Mulder, Eliza Ann  1869Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3547
50 Mulder, Eliza Ann  1871Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3553

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abson, Ernest George Maxwell  13 Oct 1993Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2790
2 Aitken, Jeffrey  1952Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3044
3 Anderson, Robert Campbell  1969Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4936
4 Arstall, Annie Elizabeth  1934Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3289
5 Arstall, Harry  18 Dec 1947Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3286
6 Beazley, Camelia Elizabeth  24 Jul 1968Geelong, Victoria, Australia I983
7 Bell, Matilda Frances  Bef 3 Jul 1984Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1370
8 Caddow, Henry Vere Cotington  1936Geelong, Victoria, Australia I6503
9 Carey, Irene Doris  2 Mar 1983Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1838
10 Clyne, Albert Lindsay  1973Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1497
11 Clyne, Bessie Alexandrina  1960Geelong, Victoria, Australia I449
12 Clyne, Doris Irene  15 Nov 1974Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1493
13 Clyne, Janet  12 Nov 1917Geelong, Victoria, Australia I475
14 Clyne, Kenneth David  1980Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2292
15 Clyne, Olive Melville  1969Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1496
16 Clyne, Thomas Hugh  Bef 12 Mar 1966Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1346
17 Combridge, Ivy Grace  Bef 30 Jan 1968Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4006
18 Dandie, Louisa Daphne  30 May 1958Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5899
19 Dandie, Muriel Violet  8 Dec 1981Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5901
20 Fewster, Lily Irene  1905Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3950
21 Goldsmith, Stanley Reginald  1982Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4338
22 Hall, Amy Ethel  1966Geelong, Victoria, Australia I935
23 Halliday, Ernest Kerr  1940Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4195
24 Harley, Jessie Mabel  1976Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2049
25 Hill, Albert Keith  Bef 7 May 1974Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5836
26 Hughan, Alexander Wheeler  Bef 18 May 1931Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3811
27 Hughan, Charles Stanley  1887Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3807
28 Hughan, James  1880Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3812
29 Hughan, Randolph Stewart  1890Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3808
30 Jenkins, Eliza Jane  1915Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3610
31 Johanesen, Paul Reginald  6 Jan 1979Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1553
32 Johnston, Russell Edward  1942Geelong, Victoria, Australia I6772
33 Johnstone, Vida Myrtle  1967Geelong, Victoria, Australia I483
34 Kennewell, Eliza Jane  20 Feb 1955Geelong, Victoria, Australia I302
35 Kerr, Annie  1960Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5237
36 Kerr, George Henry  30 Jun 1984Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5208
37 Kerr, Susan  1963Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4218
38 Loone, Doris Isabel  1977Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3815
39 Loone, Elsie Florence  1906Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3821
40 Loone, Gordon William  1962Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3814
41 Loone, Phyllis Edna  1916Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3825
42 Loone, William Alexander  1912Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3820
43 Loone, William Henry  1949Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3813
44 Loveridge, Louisa Jane  22 Dec 1933Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5896
45 Macdougall, Elizabeth Bertha  8 Sep 1931Geelong, Victoria, Australia I4112
46 McCaskell, Jean Lillian  1970Geelong, Victoria, Australia I811
47 McCormack, Flora Ethel  16 Dec 1966Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2426
48 McDonald, Allan Murdoch  1928Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5906
49 McDonald, Daphne Jean  1977Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5907
50 McDonald, Margaret Louisa  1922Geelong, Victoria, Australia I5905

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   14 Dec 1973Geelong, Victoria, Australia F2219
2 Mulder / Silk  24 Apr 1875Geelong, Victoria, Australia F89
3 Scriven / Priddle  6 Sep 1898Geelong, Victoria, Australia F3195

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