The family of Lois Willis

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Histon, Cambridgeshire, England


Tree: Lois Willis

City/Town : Latitude: 52.2450713888889, Longitude: 0.11095


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Leete, Albert John  1879Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5697
2 Leete, Alfred Simeon  19 Feb 1855Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5379
3 Leete, Alice  6 Mar 1831Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5302
4 Leete, Alice Maud  1888Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5698
5 Leete, Arthur Richard  1882Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5699
6 Leete, Charles  1847Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5381
7 Leete, Elizabeth  1815Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5295
8 Leete, Elizabeth Ann  Bef 3 Aug 1862Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5376
9 Leete, Frederick Smith  1879Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5695
10 Leete, George Kidman  8 Apr 1860Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5380
11 Leete, Jane  Bef 17 May 1818Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5296
12 Leete, John  6 Jul 1856Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5629
13 Leete, Mabel Emily  10 Jan 1886Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5700
14 Leete, Mary Ann  3 Sep 1826Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5303
15 Leete, Newman  8 Apr 1835Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5370
16 Leete, Phillip  7 Jun 1829Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5369
17 Leete, Phillip  18 Sep 1859Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5634
18 Leete, Phillip  27 Oct 1867Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5635
19 Leete, Rhoda Sarah  27 Sep 1873Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5378
20 Leete, Richard  30 Apr 1824Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5371
21 Leete, Ruth Smith  21 Aug 1892Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5701
22 Leete, Simeon  6 May 1804Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5298
23 Leete, William  22 Mar 1807Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5297
24 Leete, William  11 Jan 1829Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5301
25 Leete, William  5 Apr 1840Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5373
26 Peacock, Annie Alice  1850Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5482
27 Peacock, Henry  21 Jan 1848Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5486
28 Peacock, Isaac  22 Jul 1821Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5480
29 Peacock, John Simeon  1852Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5481
30 Peck, Charles  1870Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5622
31 Peck, Fanny Ann  1865Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5623
32 Peck, Herbert William  1860Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5624
33 Peck, James  1821Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5621
34 Peck, James  1855Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5625
35 Peck, James Harold  1889Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I10314
36 Peck, John Simeon  1862Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5626
37 Peck, Mary Louisa  1891Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I578
38 Peck, Susan  1867Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5627
39 Rule, Annie Alice  1808Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5300
40 Stead, Alfred  1837Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5703
41 Stead, Charles  1836Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5704
42 Stead, Edward  1841Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5705
43 Stead, George Braithwaite  1845Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5706
44 Stead, William  1833Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5707
45 Touts, Sarah Ann  1828Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5374
46 Warrington, John  1844Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5632
47 Warrington, Thomas Rd  1873Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5633
48 Why, Jane  1777Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5181


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Leete, Ann Elizabeth  8 Apr 1860Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5384
2 Leete, Elizabeth Ann  3 Aug 1862Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5376
3 Leete, Jane  17 May 1818Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5296
4 Leete, Lydia Eliza  18 Oct 1857Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5375
5 Leete, Rhoda Sarah  19 Oct 1873Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5378
6 Leete, Rose  28 Nov 1869Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5377
7 Leete, Sarah Ann  26 Feb 1832Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5372
8 Leete, Thirza Papworth  9 Aug 1857Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5383


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Diver, Emily  10 Nov 1937Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I10315
2 Duce, Rebecca  1897Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5299
3 Leete, Albert John  1886Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5697
4 Leete, Elizabeth  1890Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5295
5 Leete, Rhoda Sarah  1874Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5378
6 Leete, Simeon  17 Dec 1890Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5298
7 Leete, William  1853Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5297
8 Peck, John Simeon  18 Nov 1913Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5626
9 Rule, Annie Alice  1 Apr 1834Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5300
10 Touts, Sarah Ann  1888Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5374
11 Why, Jane  1865Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5181


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elizabeth  1861Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5628
2 Duce, Rebecca  1851Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5299
3 Duce, Rebecca  1871Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5299
4 Duce, Rebecca  1891Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5299
5 Leete, Simeon  1851Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5298
6 Leete, Simeon  1871Histon, Cambridgeshire, England I5298


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Leete / Baker  1850Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F1552
2 Leete / Papworth  1856Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F1464
3 Leete / Rule  16 Nov 1823Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F1447
4 Leete / Smith  1878Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F1575
5 Leete / Why  12 Nov 1815Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F1417
6 Peacock / Leete  20 Apr 1847Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F1503
7 Peck / Diver  1888Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F3100
8 Peck / Leete  27 Oct 1850Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F1551
9 Stead / Leete  1842Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F1576
10 Warrington / Leete  4 Jul 1871Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F1553
11 Wayman / Leete  17 Nov 1835Histon, Cambridgeshire, England F1448

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