The family of Lois Willis

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Prahran, Victoria, Australia


Tree: Lois Willis

Latitude: -36.9223519444444, Longitude: 144.351409833333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abson, Beril Ivy Bertha  1913Prahran, Victoria, Australia I2791
2 Abson, Mabel Annie  1909Prahran, Victoria, Australia I2789
3 Abson, Sybil  1908Prahran, Victoria, Australia I2786
4 Casey, Albert George  15 Sep 1922Prahran, Victoria, Australia I105
5 Christensen, Stuart Henry  8 Sep 1908Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4641
6 Clement, William  1883Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1919
7 Clyne, Vera Ruby Gladys  1896Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1404
8 Cowlishaw, Edwin Windeatt  1864Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4236
9 Doyle, Florence Muriel  1889Prahran, Victoria, Australia I6055
10 Doyle, Thomas Percival  1887Prahran, Victoria, Australia I6054
11 Dyball, Ernest John Deering  1910Prahran, Victoria, Australia I3609
12 Gould, Frederick John  1894Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4402
13 Hooton, Alice  7 Aug 1880Prahran, Victoria, Australia I420
14 Hooton, William Charles  1872Prahran, Victoria, Australia I378
15 Houston, Gilbert John  10 Jan 1897Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4734
16 Howell, Bertha Olive May  1917Prahran, Victoria, Australia I857
17 Howell, Gerald Charles  1897Prahran, Victoria, Australia I11134
18 Howell, Walter Ronald  1920Prahran, Victoria, Australia I858
19 Laver, Ada Pearl  1907Prahran, Victoria, Australia I432
20 Laver, Alice Winifred  1913Prahran, Victoria, Australia I434
21 Laver, Allen William  1915Prahran, Victoria, Australia I435
22 Laver, Bryant Kenneth  14 Apr 1923Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4990
23 Laver, Charles Henry  1906Prahran, Victoria, Australia I430
24 Laver, Irene Lillian Elsie  1909Prahran, Victoria, Australia I433
25 Laver, Maisie Eleanor  1917Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4997
26 Laver, Selina  1868Prahran, Victoria, Australia I243
27 Laver, Thomas Ernest  31 Mar 1904Prahran, Victoria, Australia I431
28 Laver, William Harry  1872Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4226
29 Meiklejohn, Donald Dorward  7 Dec 1909Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4571
30 Meiklejohn, George Roy  25 Feb 1908Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4572
31 Mulder, Albert Hector  20 May 1901Prahran, Victoria, Australia I73
32 Mulder, Myrtle  1906Prahran, Victoria, Australia I3646
33 Parker, Martha Emily  28 Jul 1904Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1460
34 Pearson, Edward  1885Prahran, Victoria, Australia I5001
35 Pegler, Adelaide  1869Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4390
36 Pegler, Beatrice Alice  1883Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4397
37 Pegler, Edwin  1871Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4391
38 Pegler, Eliza Ellen  1875Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4393
39 Pegler, Emily  1879Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4395
40 Pegler, John  1905Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4415
41 Pegler, Maud Ann  1877Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4394
42 Pegler, Ralph Stanley Sydney  1881Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4396
43 Pegler, William Charles  1873Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4392
44 Porter, Albert Thomas  1876Prahran, Victoria, Australia I8913
45 Porter, Alfred  1879Prahran, Victoria, Australia I8914
46 Porter, Charles  1882Prahran, Victoria, Australia I8915
47 Porter, Harriet  1871Prahran, Victoria, Australia I8911
48 Porter, Henry  1874Prahran, Victoria, Australia I8912
49 Potter, Edith  1866Prahran, Victoria, Australia I9079
50 Russell, Eric Stuart  9 Feb 1913Prahran, Victoria, Australia I3477

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Rachel Torrence  1910Prahran, Victoria, Australia I11133
2 Barns, Albert  1980Prahran, Victoria, Australia I11477
3 Clyne, Rowland Watt  19 Mar 1924Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1387
4 Collis, Elizabeth Caroline  Bef 21 Jun 1938Prahran, Victoria, Australia I5004
5 Collis, Elsie Annie  1974Prahran, Victoria, Australia I6396
6 Collis, Louise Jessamine  1916Prahran, Victoria, Australia I6387
7 Cowie, Ernest Charles  1953Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4381
8 Docwra, Edith  1960Prahran, Victoria, Australia I42
9 Fiddes, Mary  28 Jun 1945Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4117
10 Flowerday, Geoffrey Alan  1948Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1857
11 Hooton, Charles Henry  1972Prahran, Victoria, Australia I5880
12 Hooton, Emily  1923Prahran, Victoria, Australia I363
13 Hunt, Ilma Joyce  1967Prahran, Victoria, Australia I3961
14 Jenkins, Ellen Maud  1906Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4246
15 Johnston, Beryl Mercedes  1939Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1697
16 Knight, Valma Lillian  1944Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1646
17 Mackay, Gladys Jean Panton  1971Prahran, Victoria, Australia I2632
18 Mansfield, Thomas  1889Prahran, Victoria, Australia I339
19 Marr, Evelyn May  1982Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1527
20 Meiklejohn, George Dunnet  1944Prahran, Victoria, Australia I3159
21 Mulder, Hector Gordon  Bef 17 Feb 1981Prahran, Victoria, Australia I3588
22 Murphy, Louisa  1967Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4983
23 Oliver, William George  Bef 14 Apr 1941Prahran, Victoria, Australia I3310
24 Orr, John William Russell  8 Apr 1923Prahran, Victoria, Australia I922
25 Parry, James  13 Nov 1943Prahran, Victoria, Australia I43
26 Pegler, Alfred  1900Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4398
27 Pegler, Beatrice Alice  1906Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4397
28 Pegler, Eliza Ellen  1928Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4393
29 Pegler, Henry  1910Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4387
30 Pegler, John  1897Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4385
31 Pegler, John  1905Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4415
32 Pegler, John George  1912Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4389
33 Pegler, Ralph Stanley Sydney  1899Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4396
34 Pegler, William Charles  1903Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4392
35 Porter, Charles  1884Prahran, Victoria, Australia I8915
36 Regnier, William Tasman  27 Aug 1969Prahran, Victoria, Australia I2503
37 Russell, Hilary Marion Leura  Bef 10 May 1984Prahran, Victoria, Australia I290
38 Russell, Leslie Gathorne Bedford  1972Prahran, Victoria, Australia I3476
39 Russell, Robyn Ann  12 Sep 1948Prahran, Victoria, Australia I6948
40 Sharp, Marguerite Anne Euphemia  10 Dec 1966Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4037
41 Silvers, Frank  1970Prahran, Victoria, Australia I6078
42 Simpson, Christina  1942Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1801
43 Smith, Mary Jean  9 Sep 1965Prahran, Victoria, Australia I490
44 Smith, Robert Langford Clifford  27 Aug 1930Prahran, Victoria, Australia I6628
45 Sprake, Gordon Hobbs  1944Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1389
46 Swan, Ernest Alfred Oliver  29 Aug 1981Prahran, Victoria, Australia I713
47 Tice, Rosalie Olive  1982Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1712
48 Watkins, William Edward  1933Prahran, Victoria, Australia I1208
49 Wilkie, William Trewin  1971Prahran, Victoria, Australia I4581
50 Wynd, Alexander  1900Prahran, Victoria, Australia I2190

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abson / Hoza  23 Dec 1908Prahran, Victoria, Australia F752
2 Walker / Ryan  17 Jan 1912Prahran, Victoria, Australia F1371

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