The family of Lois Willis

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Wakefield, Yorkshire, England


Tree: Lois Willis

Latitude: 53.6603051666667, Longitude: -1.41472847222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abson, George William  1860Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I846
2 Abson, James  27 Dec 1823Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I843
3 Abson, Mary Ann  1848Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I845
4 Asquith, Mary  Abt 1830Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I907
5 Cass, Ada  1873Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8055
6 Cass, John Hall  1850Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8053
7 Crossley, Sarah Rose  1804Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1559
8 Exley, Mary Ann  1826Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8005
9 Flockton, John  1846Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3209
10 Morton, Ada  1869Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8039
11 Oldroyd, Emma  Bef 20 Nov 1825Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I842
12 Oldroyd, Hannah Maria  Abt 1850Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I908
13 Oldroyd, James  1855Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I910
14 Oldroyd, Jane Elizabeth  5 Apr 1828Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I151
15 Oldroyd, John  1853Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I909
16 Oldroyd, Joshua  5 Apr 1828Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I906
17 Oldroyd, Rachel  1833Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1844
18 Oldroyd, Thomas  1856Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I911
19 Quigley, Ann  1838Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3344
20 Ralph, James  1872Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8062
21 Ralph, Robert  1870Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8061
22 Sharp, Albert  1869Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8013
23 Sharp, Alice  1888Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8019
24 Sharp, Anne  1883Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3347
25 Sharp, Charles  28 May 1878Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8042
26 Sharp, Charles Moody  1875Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8015
27 Sharp, Clara  1870Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3350
28 Sharp, Eliza Ann  1853Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8008
29 Sharp, Elizabeth  1864Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8012
30 Sharp, Elizabeth  1869Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3346
31 Sharp, Elizabeth Oldroyd  1848Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I562
32 Sharp, Emma  1877Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8016
33 Sharp, Frances Annie  1906Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8023
34 Sharp, George  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8011
35 Sharp, Henry  Bef 15 May 1826Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I150
36 Sharp, James Thomas  1902Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8022
37 Sharp, John  1880Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8017
38 Sharp, John Henry  1850Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3357
39 Sharp, John Henry  1859Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8010
40 Sharp, Joseph  1847Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8006
41 Sharp, Joseph  1873Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3351
42 Sharp, Maria  1870Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3349
43 Sharp, Mary Ann  1876Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3352
44 Sharp, Mary Ann  1879Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8043
45 Sharp, Mary Hannah  17 Jan 1886Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8018
46 Sharp, Sarah Jane  1849Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8007
47 Sharp, Sarah Jane  3 Jan 1853Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I7
48 Sharp, Thomas  1855Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8009
49 Sharp, Walter  1866Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3345
50 Sharp, William  1795Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1558

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Abson, James  6 Jun 1824Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I843
2 Sharp, Ann  26 Mar 1828Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1560
3 Sharp, Ann Maria  4 Feb 1821Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I9874
4 Sharp, Charles  13 Nov 1824Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1561
5 Sharp, Edwin  17 Feb 1840Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1565
6 Sharp, Eliza  6 Jun 1842Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1566
7 Sharp, George  26 Dec 1831Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1562
8 Sharp, Harriet  14 Jul 1834Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1563
9 Sharp, Henry  15 May 1826Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I150
10 Sharp, James  17 Feb 1840Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1564
11 Sharp, John  24 Feb 1830Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3343
12 Sharp, Lucy  4 Feb 1821Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I11178
13 Sharp, Sarah Jane  27 Jan 1856Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I7
14 Sharp, William  11 Jan 1846Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1849


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abson, Elizabeth Olroyd  1847Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I844
2 Asquith, Mary  1902Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I907
3 Auty, Hannah  29 Apr 1847Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I505
4 Cass, John Hall  1913Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8053
5 Crossley, Sarah Rose  12 Aug 1868Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1559
6 Exley, Mary Ann  22 Nov 1906Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8005
7 Land, Albert  1869Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8038
8 Oldroyd, Elizabeth  1883Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1957
9 Priest, Lucy  4 Feb 1821Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I9873
10 Sharp, Ann  1872Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1560
11 Sharp, Charles  15 Dec 1880Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1561
12 Sharp, Edwin  1907Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1565
13 Sharp, Harriet  1903Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1563
14 Sharp, John Henry  1852Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3357
15 Sharp, Sarah Jane  1873Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8007
16 Sharp, Thomas  1905Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8009
17 Sidebottom, Elizabeth  1878Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I499
18 Taylor, Elizabeth  1886Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8041
19 Varlow, Emma  1906Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8049


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Chatterton, Anna Maria  14 Jan 1841Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I7976
2 Sharp, Lucy  8 Jun 1821Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I11178


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Quigley, Ann  11 Feb 1838Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I3344


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Allatt, Martha Ann  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8059
2 Cass, Harriet A  1901Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8058
3 Cass, John Hall  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8053
4 Cass, John Hall  1901Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8053
5 Cass, William Henry  1901Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8057
6 Crossley, Sarah Rose  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1559
7 Exley, Mary Ann  1851Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8005
8 Exley, Mary Ann  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8005
9 Penrose, Jesse  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8040
10 Penrose, Jesse  1901Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8040
11 Ralph, Daniel  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8060
12 Ralph, Robert  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8061
13 Sharp, Albert  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8013
14 Sharp, Ann  1851Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1560
15 Sharp, Ann  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1560
16 Sharp, Charles  1851Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1561
17 Sharp, Charles  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1561
18 Sharp, Charles  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1561
19 Sharp, Charles  1891Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8042
20 Sharp, Edwin  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1565
21 Sharp, Eliza Ann  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8008
22 Sharp, Eliza Ann  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8008
23 Sharp, Eliza Ann  1901Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8008
24 Sharp, Elizabeth  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8012
25 Sharp, George  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8011
26 Sharp, George  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1562
27 Sharp, Harriet  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1563
28 Sharp, Harriet  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1563
29 Sharp, Harriet  1901Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1563
30 Sharp, John Henry  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8010
31 Sharp, John Henry  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8010
32 Sharp, Joseph  1851Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8006
33 Sharp, Joseph  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8006
34 Sharp, Joseph  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8006
35 Sharp, Joseph  1891Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8006
36 Sharp, Joseph  1901Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8006
37 Sharp, Mary Ann  1891Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8043
38 Sharp, Sarah Jane  1851Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8007
39 Sharp, Sarah Jane  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8007
40 Sharp, Sarah Jane  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8007
41 Sharp, Thomas  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8009
42 Sharp, Thomas  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8009
43 Sharp, William  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I1558
44 Sharp, William  1891Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8044
45 Sharp, William  1901Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8044
46 Varlow, Elizabeth  1861Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8051
47 Varlow, Elizabeth  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8051
48 Varlow, Emily Jane  1851Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8046
49 Varlow, Emma  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8049
50 Varlow, Emma  1901Wakefield, Yorkshire, England I8049

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cass / Varlow  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F2213
2 Crossley / Hartley  26 Nov 1797Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F393
3 Flockton / Oldroyd  1869Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F864
4 Land / Sharp  1868Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F2208
5 Moore / Sharp  1894Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F2216
6 Moore / Sharp  1894Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F894
7 Oldroyd / Asquith  1850Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F227
8 Oldroyd / Wrigley  1873Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F395
9 Penrose / Sharp  1871Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F2210
10 Ralph / Sharp  1869Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F2215
11 Sharp / Exley  1846Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F2198
12 Sharp / Moody  1874Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F2199
13 Sharp / Oldroyd  1 Aug 1847Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F37
14 Sharp / Taylor  1872Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F2211
15 Tidd / Oldroyd  1854Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F483
16 Varlow / Sharp  25 Apr 1848Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F2212
17 Whimpey / Walsh  14 Apr 1919Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F824
18 Wright / Oldroyd  1862Wakefield, Yorkshire, England F1527

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