The family of Lois Willis

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Tree: Lois Willis

City/Town : Latitude: -37.8242988888889, Longitude: 144.977996666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Rachel Torrence  1878Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11133
2 Barnes, James Nicholas  1864Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3332
3 Bennie, Joseph  1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5200
4 Birmingham, William  Abt 1880Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3480
5 Brooks, Frederick Henry  23 Apr 1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9764
6 Brown, John Thomas Jude  Abt 1860Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6183
7 Brown, Maggie May  Sep 1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6184
8 Clarke, Neville Frederick  1906Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8102
9 Clyne, Annie Anderson  9 Oct 1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1358
10 Cohen, Archibald Samuel  1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2068
11 Collis, Charles William  1856Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4235
12 Cook, Elsie May  Abt 1930Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6077
13 Coward, William Richard  1877Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5264
14 Curwood, Pamela Diane Monica "Pam"  Abt 1933Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2414
15 Deacon, Agnes Laura  1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2196
16 Derby, William Robert  1842Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1588
17 Doyle, Clara Alice  1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6053
18 Doyle, William Harold  1882Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6052
19 Fewster, James William  1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3947
20 Ford, Amelia  1865Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I401
21 Gathercole, Daisy Eveline  1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I783
22 Gathercole, Daisy Eveline  1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4403
23 Gittus, Albert  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6070
24 Gordon, Francis Farquhar  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11397
25 Gordon, Isabella  1880Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11396
26 Gordon, Margaret  1878Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11394
27 Gordon, Martha  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11281
28 Harley, Ronald Percival  2 Apr 1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3013
29 Harley, Ronald Percival  3 Apr 1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2810
30 Heffernan, Patricia Ellen  Abt 1943Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I649
31 Hooton, John  Abt 1846Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I365
32 Hooton, Mary Ann  1849Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I366
33 Hooton, Myrtle  1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6201
34 Jones, Gloria Bolton  Abt 1925Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1579
35 Kennedy, Joyce Marie  1912Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11419
36 Kerr, William Edward  1860Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I565
37 Knighton, James George "Jim"  Abt 1929Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4163
38 Laver, Dorothy Joan  Abt 1933Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5895
39 Laver, Peter Bryant  Abt 1954Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5902
40 Lee, John Edward  1861Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6178
41 Lee, John Edward  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6179
42 Lee, Nellie  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6180
43 Long, John Frederick Richard  Abt 1880Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3952
44 Loone, Robert Gordon  12 Jan 1946Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6147
45 Mackay, Leslie Alexander  Dec 1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2629
46 Mackay, Leslie Alexander  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2734
47 McArthur, Stella  1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2205
48 McComas, Charles Francis  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4115
49 McIntyre, Geoffrey Norman  28 Nov 1924Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6311
50 McKenzie, Frederick Edmund  Abt 1901Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3119

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Gordon, Andrew  4 Aug 1850Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11266
2 Gordon, Donald Robert Nicol Gannet  4 Aug 1850Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11264
3 Gordon, John  4 Aug 1850Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abson, Beverley  1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2820
2 Abson, Winifred Rose  1976Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2797
3 Anderson, Margaret  Bef 9 Feb 1967Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2991
4 Brown, Maggie May  Bef 13 Dec 1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6184
5 Bryce, Ronald Francis  14 Feb 1965Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5711
6 Burdett, Hugh Ewing  1958Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6195
7 Clyne, Annie Anderson  1972Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1358
8 Clyne, Margaret Dolande  1959Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I448
9 Coles, Graham Frank  Bef 10 May 1957Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6513
10 Croft, James  1964Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5197
11 Crowther, Francis Lionel  1935Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2108
12 Dandie, Allan Frederick  1976Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5918
13 Dickson, John Victor  1957Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5251
14 Dickson, Thomas Meiklejohn  Bef 11 Apr 1958Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3148
15 Docwra, David  1954Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I270
16 Docwra, David "Dave"  18 Sep 1954Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4158
17 Duncan, Charles Gordon  23 Apr 1939Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11286
18 Dunnet, Eileen May  1978Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5637
19 Edwards, Ada Margaret Langdon  28 Apr 1959Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2372
20 Edwards, Jemima  1952Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2804
21 Elliott, Alma May  1959Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2181
22 Elliott, Alma May  2 Dec 1959Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2350
23 Evans, Irene May  1969Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2533
24 Faulks, Elizabeth  1963Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2075
25 Ford, Alice May  1958Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8137
26 Fullalove, Ernest Arthur  1965Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6303
27 Gittus, Albert  1956Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6070
28 Gittus, Donald George  1982Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6326
29 Gittus, Gwen Mabel  1958Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6322
30 Goudie, Mary Isobel  1979Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1713
31 Gray, Gwenneth Joyce  1962Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3181
32 Gregson, Phyllis Lillian  17 Dec 1988Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6595
33 Hall, Alice Mary  1947Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I937
34 Harley, Diana Mary  3 Mar 1960Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2485
35 Harley, Diana Mary Veronica  3 Mar 1960Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2446
36 Harley, Gilbert Charles  30 Jun 1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2376
37 Harley, Ronald Percival  1983Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3013
38 Harley, Ronald Percival  4 Jul 1983Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2810
39 Harley, William Theodore John  1970Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2345
40 Harris, Herbert  16 Dec 1976Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3111
41 Healey, Florence Kate  1979Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4682
42 Heath, Eric William  1960Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4293
43 Hemphill, Walter Robert  11 Feb 1969Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2622
44 Hooton, John  1949Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I381
45 Howell, Bertha Olive May  1943Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I857
46 Howell, Walter Ronald  15 Oct 1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I858
47 Howie, William John  1973Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2329
48 Judd, Bruce Thomas  Bef 20 Apr 1964Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I3170
49 Keam, Eleanor Mary  9 Jun 1946Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2216
50 Kirkpatrick, Robert Oswald Norman  1959Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4361

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Gregson, Robert Walter "Bertie"  14 Jan 1907Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6596
2 Mulder, David Charles "Mick"  8 Aug 1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6072


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Oldroyd, Joshua  Feb 1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2148


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Blogg, Annie Flora  13 Apr 1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5719
2 Doyle, Frank  Aug 1862Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10168
3 Doyle, John George  Aug 1862Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10167
4 Doyle, Sarah Ann  Aug 1862Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10166
5 Doyle, William Samuel  Aug 1862Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10165
6 Hall, Minnie  9 Nov 1888Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4926
7 Hansen, Hans  14 Feb 1859Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1316
8 Kerr, Ralph  25 Aug 1859Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5549
9 Marshall, Catherine  31 Aug 1868Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I210
10 Marshall, Catherine  31 Aug 1868Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1317
11 McBurney, Owen John "Mervyn"  11 Nov 1962Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2141
12 Mills, Catherine  Aug 1862Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11045
13 Muggleton, Gladys Gwendoline "Gwen"  10 Aug 1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2846
14 Oldroyd, Joshua  30 Dec 1856Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2148
15 Oldroyd, Joshua  17 Mar 1876Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2148
16 Sharp, Henry  16 Nov 1863Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I150
17 Slawson, Emma Godfree  Dec 1856Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4615
18 Stow, Margaret Eveline "Evelina"  11 Nov 1962Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2140


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1961Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2241
2 /   19 Feb 1972Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2218
3 /   31 Jan 1976Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2221
4 / Bould  26 Mar 1966Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F1525
5 Abson / Crawford  1921Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F219
6 Bryan / Healey  1922Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F167
7 Clarke /   1928Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2240
8 Clarke / Briggs  1935Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2239
9 Cobain / Clyne  1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F738
10 Cobain / Clyne  1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2133
11 Docwra / Scott  5 Mar 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F14
12 Elliott / Harley  29 Jan 1908Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F874
13 Hill / Hooton  1913Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F91
14 Hooton / Ford  1918Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F94
15 Hooton / Mahon  1869Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F88
16 Hooton / Teppett  26 Apr 1913Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F1192
17 Leitch / Clyne  15 May 1912Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F336
18 Lindsay / Harley  9 Oct 1858Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F134
19 Noonan / Russell  1927Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F3113
20 Paterson / Hassey  1888Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2938
21 Russell / Ahon  17 Apr 1926Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F1064
22 Stephens / Campkin  Between 1855 and 1858Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F221
23 Wannenmacher / Caddow  3 Feb 1892Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F1736
24 Webster / Clyne  25 Mar 1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F338
25 Whimpey / Adams  12 Apr 1941Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F448
26 Willis / Casey  5 Nov 1955Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9

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